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How to print RPG output using iSeries Access

Use work station customize object or printer type in iSeries Access to print the output of an RPG file from the AS/400 to an HP printer.

We are currently trying to print the output from a RPG program to an Aficio or RICOH Type 3045 laser jet printer. We are not trying to create form templates or print logos or anything fancy.

All we want is to print bigger and smaller letters in regular type, bold type, italic type, etc. as you would in...

an MS word document. I have set up an externally described print file using the RLU print file editor (my first time using RLU). My file is quite primitive with a simple To: and From: with numbers and the alphabet after it. I have selected - F18 (Record Keywords) and have manipulated the FONT keyword to "Courier15" or "Courier6" – leaving the Point Size Height and width blank, as it seems to cause an error. The file type is AFPDS. The DDS compiles clean and this is the result of my clean DDS:


 *************** Beginning of data ***************************************************


     A*%%TS  RD  20090122  113336  OREILLYJ    REL-V5R4M0  5722-WDS


     A*%%FI       0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000


     A                                      INDARA

     A          R HEADER


     A*%%RI 00000

     A*%%FS 004


     A                                      SKIPB(005)

     A                                      FONT(COURIER6)

     A                                     5

     A                                      'TO:'

     A            TONAME        30        50

     A                                      CHRSIZ(3.0 3.0)




     A          R HEADER1


     A*%%RI 00000

     A*%%FS 001


     A                                      SPACEB(002)

     A                                      FONT(COURIER15)

     A                                     5

     A                                      'AT:'

     A                                      FONT(TIMESNEWRM)

     A            ATLOC         30        50

     A                                      CHRSIZ(1.0 1.0)





     A*%%CP+    DEVTYPE(*AFPDS)

     A*%%CP     PAGESIZE(*N       132      *N     )


When I try to print, no matter what I change the font sizes to I get two lines of the same size characters and font type. I go into iSeries Access for Windows > Emulator > Start or configure session > Click on Create New Session. Select Printer under "Type of Emulation" > Click Setup to get to the PC5250 Printer Emulation Setup screen > Click the box fro transfer iSeries data to ASCII > select RICOHAP3045 under printer type. I was not sure what to put under "Customizing Object" and "Library", so I selected AFPDS which is the type of DDS file I am using and the library of PCNEWLOD, which is the library where our source RPG and DDS files are stored.

Am I Missing something? Is there a step that I am not performing?

You can use either work station customize object or printer type but not both. My best guess would be to use an HP compatible printer.
This was last published in July 2009

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