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How to download an Excel file to the AS/400

How to download an Excel file to the 400? This file was originally e-mailed as an HTML file and changed to a .xls...

file. Using Client Access, I created a .FDF file and downloaded the PC file to the 400. Next, I created a flat file and again downloaded to the 400. All attempts failed. What could the problem be and how is it corrected? (I do not have Microsoft Access available to me.)

In order to upload your file from your PC to the AS/400 and port the data directly into a DB2/400 file, the file must exist on the AS/400 with the fields of the same data type that you are attempting to upload and the file must be saved in a format the CA upload facility understands. Let's say you have a physical file with 3 fields:
Fld1 10 Len Alpha
Fld2 15 Len 2 Decimal (Could be 15S 2 or 15P 2)
Fld3 13 Len 5 Decimal (Could be 13S 5 or 13P 5)

When this file is downloaded to the PC, it will create an .FDF, or a descriptor for the records that are stored in the file. When you upload to this file, the data in an Excel spreadsheet (Excel 3,4,5), which are called BIFF3, 4, 5, must be stored in rows with the correct data in each column. Example:
DB2/400 File:
ACCT00001 12345.56 5.03200
ACCT00002 22954.96 14.94552

Excel File:
|ACCT00001|12345.56|5.032 |

This will upload (to the AS/400) and download to the PC in the correct formats.

Good luck

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