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How to combine multiple spooled files into a PDF

Chip Milosch responds to a reader question about combining multiple spool files into a single bookmarked PDF using SpoolFlex.

Is the Infoprint Server for V5R4 capable of combining multiple files into one bookmarked pdf document. I have up on the use of maps but can't seem to find a definitive answer
To the best of my knowledge, Infoprint Server has no inherent capability for combining spooled files. If you have a single spooled file, you can create a bookmarked PDF document from Server, but not using multiple spooled files. I think SpoolFlex from DRV Technologies can combine several spooled files into one if you purchase the advanced utilities add-on to the basic package. I'm not positive what the limitations of this are (i.e. only spooled files from a single job, etc.) You could contact them for further information.

The other option I can think of that might work, depending on the initial format of your spooled files, would be to copy the raw spooled files to a single PF, using the CPYSPLF command (being sure to specify *FCFC during the copy). Then you could CPYF from this PF back to a new spooled file, which could then be indexed (to create the PDF bookmarks). This is assuming that there is some unique value at the same location of every page to use as a key/bookmark tag.

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