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How to backup optical platters

We are currently running an iSeries 810 with an IBM 3995 C40 optical library with one read/write head. We have a large number of optical platters we would like to backup for disaster/recovery purposes. I am aware of the following commands DUPOPT, which requires two read/write heads, CPYOPT, which takes an unreasonable amount of time, and SAV, which saves to tape and is undesirable. Is there another way that I am not aware of? What do you recommend?
I use SAV with an optical drive in the DEV parameter, or I send it to a save file, which I can then move to the optical backup device. If the optical device will accept a CPY with the TOOBJ parameter as your optical drive, that would work. Other than that, I am not aware of another method to use to accomplish this task.


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