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How much memory and hard disk do I have?

How can I determine how much memory (main storage) and hard disk (DASD) are installed on my 720, and how much is...

being used at any point in time? I located a screen titled "Work with System Status" that shows CURRENT UNPROTECT USED and MAXIMUM UNPROTECT. The first value was 1116M, thesecond was 1492M yesterday. Both are now 1654 today. This looks to me like I have somewhere around 1.5GBs, but I can't tell for sure.

The System ASP shows 107.2 G with 65% being used--I think 16 units, with anywhere from 4-8GB drives. I want to make sure I have enough memory. Also, when should I begin to look at additional hard drives?

If you use the WRKDSKSTS command, it will show you each disk drive you have on your system and how much is used on each. The totals of these sizes is the "System ASP" you see on the WRKSYSSTS screen. The percentage of system ASP used is the total of the percentages overall. If you use the command DSPHDWRSC TYPE(*PRC) this will show you the installed memory on your system.

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