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How is the iSeries job market?

I will be losing a job due to a big bank merger sometime in July or August. How will the iSeries market look for me in Baltimore, Maryland at that time? I would appreciate any idea or any information that you may have on when to start networking. I have ten years RPG experience on iSeries, another eight years on the 38, Lawson conversion, implementation, and maintenance experience. Beginning VB and Access skills. I've been thinking about taking a JAVA class. Is that the best skill set to pick up?

Although subject to the vagaries of the overall economy, the job market in the northeast looks promising as the year progresses. The west coast is still expected to be lackluster this year. We are finding that PA's with an ERP/MRP skillset (JDE, Lawson, and Infinium) are in higher demand than those with a general RPG background.

I always recommend that candidates invest in themselves by adding to their skillset portfolio. IBM has positioned the iSeries to provide a broad-based appeal to a myriad of business requirements that includes web-based development and support. Ergo, adding VB, JAVA, JSP, Struts, J2EE, C++, or any web-development skills is strongly advised.


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