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How does one use RCVJRNE?

I am trying to use RCVJRNE to apply journal entries to a physical file. I have a CL that receives the journal entries and passes the parameters to an exit program. However, no values seem to be sent to the exit program variables. I can display the journal entries on the screen, and I can see that all the entries that I need are there. When I run the CL (containing the RCVJRNE command) and then run debug over the exit program, the first parameter (*char 300) is blank as well as the second parameter (*char 1). The program cycles through the code as many times as there are entries in the journal, even though the parameters passed to it are blank. What am I doing wrong? Also, would RCVJRNE be used the same way on a remote journal?

This could be a myriad of problems. If your CL is a CLP and your exit program is an ILE, it could be a problem between the OPM object running in a separate activation group. If you call the CL and have data in the parameters being passed and none in the program receiving the parameters, you might have the *ENTRY in an *INZSR routine which would not be executed the second time the process is called. I would suggest you have an ILE call a CLLE to retrieve the journal entries.


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