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How do I find out who did what in V4R4?

I know this is an easy question. In V4R2 you could put your cursor on a message (QSYSOPR or GHST) press F1 and then F9 and find the user name that answered the message. In V4R4 all that is ever seen for user is arb jobs and QUSER. How do I find out who did what?

V4R4 still shows the user who caused the message to be issued in History or on the QSYSOPR message queue. F1 and F9 are still the correct combination of function keys to get the information you want. However, if you execute F1 and F9 on a message that was presented by a system job, you will get the generic system user names such as QUSER or QSYSARB, etc. Try this on a message that was presented on QSYSOPR by a real user. You will see that it still works.

This was last published in July 2001

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