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How can I use my unused space?

I have no free space... % system ASP used 96%, next I did PRTDSKINF RPTTYPE(*LIB) OBJ(*ALL) MINSIZE(10000) and received the information unused space 48.55%. How can I use it?

I made IPL and strclnup *immed; rgzdlo; RCLSPLSTG...

The PRTDSKINF command works in conjunction with the RTVDSKINF command. When you run the RTVDSKINF command it populates a file called QAEZDISK with a snapshot of your current disk utilization. PRTDSKINF allows you to print reports from that snapshot. Since you the values from your WRKSYSSTS command and your PRTDSKINF don't agree, that tells me that the PRTDSKINF is reporting on outdated information.

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