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How can I let the CL program know its job is running?

I'm wondering what the best way to let my CL program know whether its job is running in debug mode or not. I want to code my self-submitting CL so that if the job is in debug mode it will not submit itself to batch, otherwise it will. It would have to know whether it was in debug mode under STRDBG or STRISDB.

For STRDBG, you can use the Open List of Activation Attributes (QWVOLACT) API along with the Get List Entries (QGYGTLE), Find Entry Number in List (QGYFNDE), Close List (QGYCLST) to find the activation group name for ILE which would be:

If you are using STRISDB, you should find 5 files in QTEMP that you can do a CHKOBJ. Those files SHOULD be:

@@IMAGE, @@MAPHLL, @@MAPSEQ, QIXALOG, QIXAMPF. You can also use the above listed API's to check for the ISDB activation group QIXAAGRP in your job with the above listed API's.


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