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How can I extract information out of the IFS ?

On V4R5M0 in the IFS System, there is an option to EDIT directories and files. I want to extract information out...

of the IFS on Files Sizes, Authorities, and Directory Sizes...etc so I can Query them, but there doesn't seem to be a way to do this. Am I missing something obvious?

No, you haven't missed anything obvious or apparent. There are a few ways to get the information. If you just want the file information such as name, type, created, last updated, owner and a few other attributes, you can use the DSPLNK OUTPUT(*PRINT) but the output is a little hard to work with and doesn't include any authority information except ownership. If you need information for the files/object contained in the directory, you must use API's.

All of the listing and attribute API's are detailed in the AS/400 Information center.

The API's I think you are looking for are listed in: Programming/CL and API's/OS400 API's/API's by category/Hierarchical File System API's

Directory entry information APIs

The directory entry information APIs allow you to work with the directory entries for files and directories in hierarchical file systems. The directory entry information APIs include the following:

Open Directory (QHFOPNDR)

Read Directory Entry (QHFRDDR)

Retrieve Directory Entry Attributes (QHFRTVAT)

Change Directory Entry Attributes (QHFCHGAT)

Close Directory (QHFCLODR)

Note that some objects will not be files or directories. I would assume that some commands to retrieve this type of information will be forthcoming in later releases, but I have nothing but experience on which to base my assumption. Good luck. John

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