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High-level cisc to risc migration plan document

Is there a high-level cisc to risc migration plan document that we could use to review our own plan against?

There were books on the IBM Books site for migration planning and an entire upgrade kit. They are no longer there. Click here for a hardware upgrade path calculator. It may or may not have any supporting documentation for a migration path or roadmap. I would use the risc-risc planning guide (with the exception of the hardware). Some areas will not apply, depending on which version of OS/400 you are migrating from. If you are jumping a large number of levels, the only direct upgrade for software from V3R2/V3R7 to V4R5 is a save/restore situation for software. I would contact my IBM Representative or Business Partner for the upgrade roadmap and/or planning guides. If you don't get any help there, let me know and I will find the documentation through my IBM Coordinator.


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