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HP Laserjet printer problems

We are using HP Laserjet printers on TCP/IP for printing our iSeries 400 reports through the printer files. We are having problems with the HP Printers printing in 132 column mode when the actual iSeries printer specifications are 6 LPI, 66 LPP, 60 Ovrflw, 198 columns. Is there a way to configure the TCIP communications to get the HP printers to use the iSeries printfile attributes?

If your HP's are configured through Client Access, you can set up the printer to transform to ASCII on the iSeries side and use Codepage 899. This would also require you to set the page rotation on the printer file before the file is created. If your HP's are configured as remote writers, you can set the output queue for host translation *YES. Sometimes they will also require a Workstation Customization Object to do the Codepage 899. Usually this is the default of QWPDEFAULT. Check the Redbook library for other printer configuration scenarios.

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