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HP 4300 printing errors from iSeries 515

Some printer configurations are more tricky on the AS/400 than would first be anticpated. There are a couple of steps using WSCST that may need to be taken, and some helpful configurations for HP printers that need to be completed.

We just upgrade from a very very old AS/400 to an iSeries 515. We run in S36 mode. We are trying to set up a HP4300 as a LAN printer. We have gone through the CRTDEVPRT command and it matches the info in your tip: System i printing: Configuring an ASCII printer. The 4300 has two drawers in addition to the manual tray. Drawer 2 has three-hole-punch paper and Drawer 3 is plain letter stock. This printer also has duplexing. We controlled which drawer we were going to and whether we wanted to duplex with a OVRPRTF statement in the procedure being ran. The *tumble does not seem to work the same in the new system plus the printing is much smaller (it does not use the entire page). The *yes on the duplex parameter seems to do what the *tumble is supposed to but it is turned 180 degrees. Adding the PAGRTT parameter to the OVRPRTF statement did not work. Any suggestions or other articles to look at for resolving our problem would be appreciated. Sorry this is so long. I feel like we have tried everything, but there is probably some little thing that will fix the issue.
If you are getting incorrect emulation problems, then you will probably need to customize a WSCST object (Workstation Customization Object) for the printer. There is going to be section related to duplex control somewhere. You may have to examine the options and escape codes being used and may need to change some values around. Also, this article from Midrange Guru, Use Workstation Customizing Objects to Control Printing provides a decent little tutorial with some advice specific to HP printer configurations.

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