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HIPER PTF installation and cover letters for SF99097

Should HIPER PTF be installed without Group PTF on an AS/400? Also, how to locate PSP documents including cover letters.

As I have read, it's better to install Group PTF before HIPER PTF. My question is:
Is it any problem if I install only the HIPER PTF? Another issue is that I couldn't found PTF Cover Letters for SF99097.
The short answer is no, but first see The straight story on PTF installs.

SF99097 is not a PTF, it is a PSP document. See IBM's PSP (Preventive Service Planning) documents

Unfortunately SF99097 is the V510 Group HIPER PTF, Last Updated: 21 Mar 2006 and is no longer available. If you have SF99097 on CD the cover letter should be on the CD as well.

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