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Group PTFs

Do you want to know what group PTFs are? Better yet, do you want to know which ones may be installed on your AS/400? Scott Ingvaldson explains what they are and why they exist, and best of all, where to find out which ones you have installed in your system.

What are group PTF's and how do I find out which ones, if any, I have installed? I did a dspdtaara qsys/sf99xxx...

but ther does not seem to be any sf99xxx data areas on our system.

Group PTFs are a group of PTFs designed to get a specific product, like TCP/IP or WebSphere to a common, tested level. Some group PTFs even include other group PTFs, for example the Cumulative group PTF includes the HIPER group and the DataBase group, and the WebSphere group PTF will include the Java group and the HTTP Server group.

You can view your current group PTFs using the command WRKPTFGRP (Work with PTF Groups)

Check the Preventive Service Planning database for updated information.

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