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Getting familiar with Movex

My potential employer requested that I show experience with Movex Fam in order to be considered as a business analyst with their firm. I am an experienced BA (five years as a iSeries financial) and have worked with SAP, but not Movex. What is the best way to convey knowledge of Movex, without the actual work experience?

It is possible to convey a depth of knowledge without experience in a specific application. As you know, there are general similarities between different third-party applications in the way that the products implement functions and operations. What you need to do is to find out all the information about Movex that you can. I suggest that you go to their Web site, read white papers and review the online manuals (if available). With this information at hand, it should be possible to discuss how you have implemented SAP and how it is similar to Movex in general areas. It is important that you use personal experiences as examples when you answer questions. After all, your task during the interview is to establish you credibility as an IT professional and to show how you fit as the solution to their need.


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