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Getting MCH6801with a level 50 on theAS/400

I have a customer who has security level 50 on their AS/400. In one of their RPG application programs they are getting MCH6801. What does it mean, and how can I fix it?

This error message is generally issued when the System Security level is at 40 or above. The error message indicates that the program attempted to access an object that is protected based on the object domain (such as the system domain) or an object that has a higher security attribute than the user or program that attempted to access it. You will see this error message if you are executing a program that attempts to access user space, a user index, or a user queue (*USRSPC, *USRIDX, *USRQ) that is not contained within the user domain. As an example, when the create API is called to create user space, the domain of the object must be specified in optional group 2. Additionally, the system value QALWUSRDMN could have an impact on how the object is treated. You will need to check the API information located in the system security reference, as well as the Information Center.

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