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Getting Jetspeed up and running

I'm using Tomcat 3.2.4 and the IBM HTTP Server -- it generally runs fine. I've tried to run Jetspeed, the Jakarta Portal App. I can get Jetspeed up and running on the iSeries, but when I try to customize it, to run my own portals, I get error messages that I think are to related to XML (Xerces vs JAXP) issues. Do you know any way to get this up and running on the 400. The same setup running on my home PC works fine!

Sorry. I've been running Jetspeed very well also on a Windows server, not the iSeries. It DOES sound like you have a classpath error. After reviewing the error messages logged in Tomcat, you could create a simple JSP to display the classpath in the Jetspeed app on the AS/400 and compare it to the PC version for errors.


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