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Get a file from the local PC to a flat file on the iSeries 400

How would you get a file using FTP from your local PC (C:textfiles) to a flat file on the iSeries 400? I went to a site with FAQ's and this was one of the questions, but the sample they gave, I could not follow. It had something to do with creating a script file. How to do this was not mentioned. I have a user that receives a file via a modem to his desktop. It now resides on C:testfiles. I want to give him either a .bat file or a CLP program off the iSeries that he can run to upload the file to the iSeries 400 where I can work with it.

From the PC side, you simply create a text file looking something like:

OPEN myas400
LOGON user password
PUT C:testfiles qsys.libyourlib.libyourfile.fileyourmember.mbr

You may want to change the mode, and check my syntax for your FTP on the PC side. Then you create a .BAT file that runs FTP using the input file:

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