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Generating a PDF from an iSeries spool file

I want build/buy an object that is accessible from a Web site. I would want this object to call a CL program that outputs to a spool file as a PDF, and then launches the PDF for display on the originating Web site. In other words, a user on site XYZ pushes a button that accesses an OS/400 CL that runs a program that outputs to a PDF and then launches. Is such a thing available for purchase? If I were to build it, would/could I use a JSP?

You have several options here. For a customer project we worked on, I used an open-source tool called itext.pdf to generate the PDF from an iSeries spool file on the fly. You can also use the lower-level Formatting Objects library from apache directly and some IBM sample classes that access the library. That's a lot more work with a lot less features.

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