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Freezing Client Access terminals

I upgraded our AS/400 from V4.3 to V4.5 over the weekend. It went really smooth. However, on some terminals a message was sent that certain terminals would suspend the user's Client Access screen. Have you heard of this happening?

I had a situation in the past that was almost identical to the one you are describing. Certain Client Access terminals would freeze for no apparent reason, while all the rest would function without a hitch. Although everything looked normal through WRKACTJOB, the terminal wouldn't respond to any keyboard input. The problem turned out to be that the keyboard mapping for the error reset key was either corrupted or had been changed. This is probably not the same problem you are experiencing, but I only throw it out there because I have been burned by it in the past.

As part of the upgrade from V4R3 to V4R5, I would assume that you also applied the latest Cumulative PTFs for V4R5. If not, I would definitely do that.

The last step would be to re-install the latest version of Client Access on your problem terminals along with the latest Client Access service pack. If you updated your PCs to have the latest version of Client Access as part of the upgrade to V4R5, then I would just install the latest service pack. Client Access service packs can be obtained through the Web by going to IBM's Client Access Service Packs home page.

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