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Free up some space on the iSeries

I have been put in charge of an iSeries Model 720. The maintenance on this iSeries used to be carried out by another company. Its disk space is 78% full, and I want to free up some space. I have noticed that the QACGJRN Journal is taking up over 7 GB on a 33GB system. I would like to delete this but we are using Bespoke software and I am not sure if deleting this journal / journal receiver would have any effect on our day to day software use? Could I use CHGJRN instead and would that cause any problems? The journal receiver that is attached seems to never have been changed (its QACGJRN001). Note that we do not use journaling for backup purposes.

I'm not sure what "Bespoke Software" is, but I'll assume it is a job accounting package since it uses the QACGJRN journal. Most accounting package software reads the QACGJRN receivers and converts them to a database file. This capture process usually generates a new receiver and then cleans up the ones that have already been processed. I would take a close look at this software package to make sure it is configured correctly before doing anything with the QACGJRN journal receivers.

When you understand what is going on with your software then you can use the CHGJRN command to generate a new receiver, backup the old one and delete it ... You should recover 7GB of disk space.

But, check out your "Bespoke Software", it really should be doing this for you.


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