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Force termination of an application

Force termination of an applications

We have menu applications that nest quite deep. Is there a method to force termination of an application from deep within the nest -- rather than backing out one screen at a time or reprogramming each application to avoid f12(prev)-f12-f12-f12-f3(exit)?

Use a return code

In your scenario, each program calls the next (maybe passing parameters). Add a return code parameter -- mine is seven characters, this way I can pass meaningful values and even message IDs.

The return code can be used to tell the called program something, but in your case you want to tell the calling program that the current program is terminating 'express'.

So the user presses F3=Exit in the currently active program in your nest, and it returns '*CMD03' to its caller when it terminates. The caller looks at the return code, and if it contains '*CMD03' it will just terminate itself, passing the same return code value to ITS calling program, and so on down your stack.

If the active program returns '*CMD12', then its calling program will regain normal control and redisplay its own screens.


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