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Finding an AS/400 position

What is the best way to go about finding a job as an AS/400 operator? I have been operating nine AS/400s for the past year, and I am looking for a place of employment that has more to offer. What other types of jobs are available to an AS/400 operator?

Unfortunately, there is not always a big demand for AS/400 "operators," but with the actual work experience you possess a career in AS/400 operations can lead to many exciting opportunities in the IT field. "System administrators," "system programmers" and "network administrators" are the logical choices when developing your personal goals. They offer both challenges and monetary rewards. I advise all AS/400 operators to look at a long-term goal and plan how to get there. Whether it is taking on more responsibilities at your current position, changing to a company that will give you the upward mobility (this can be difficult) and/or continuing your education through schools and seminars.

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