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File transfer DTF "hooks"

Using DTF client access to transfer files from iSeries to Windows can be tricky if the file contains Polish characters. To ensure the file transfers correctly, make sure that the Windows regional settings are set to the right language, and ensure that the database file is defined with a Polish CCSID that matches the user.

For one of my customers, I need to implement a file transfer from iSeries to a Windows box. The file to transfer, contains Polish characters, but also ^ as field separator.

The transfer method we use is DTF client access.

We tried different settings in client access DTF but none of them gave correct result. Can someone, who experienced a similar problem, give me a hint? iSeries settings are: SYSVAL QCHRID = 697 - 37, QCCSID = 37. Thanks a lot in advance

File transfer is doing convertions on the following "hooks":
  • If the user profile CCSID (i.e the job CCSID) is different from the CCSID of the target file character conversion is occuring on the AS400 itself. Make sure your database file is defined with Polish CCSID and that the user is using the same CCSID.
  • The Windows box uses the national setting to perform character conversion from EBCDIC to ASCII. Make sure your Windows regional setting are set to Polish.

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