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File sharing on the iSeries

I'm looking to use NetServer on the iSeries for file and print sharing. We have about 60 users of which 30 are local and the remaining 30 would be accessing the iSeries for file and print sharing via the Internet. I hope you could help me on a couple of issues.

Q: If I want to use the 400 for a file server, is NetServer the correct way to go? It seems I can get done what I need to via mapping drives. Should I be looking at CA?

A: On the LAN, NetServer is the way to do file sharing on the iSeries and indeed no software is required on the client (only windows normal networking). However, if you need to be able to connect to the file shares from the Internet, the NetServer approach is not suitable

Q: I noticed on a past article of yours that you suggested limiting the number of NetServer users to 100, why? Is that still an issue today?

A: NetServer performs better then it used to two years ago. For the number of users you specified, you should have no problems.

Q: And last, how can I connect to the NetServer IFS and drives via the Internet?

A: From the Internet you can use iSeries access for the Web. This product is very similar to Client Access, however, it uses only the browser on the client. iSeries access for the Web will allow the use of file sharing over standard HTTP port. More details on iSeries access for the Web can be found here.


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