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FTPing from RPG

This user is looking for a way to verify that a file exists on an FTP server from within an RPG program. Site expert Shahar Mor offers some advice.

Is there a way to verify that a file exists on an FTP server from within an RPG program? We can run a "DIR" command on the FTP directory and take apart its content but that it's very time consuming. We are looking to simply verify that a file exists or does not, and use that exist state as a trigger.
My assumption is that the FTP server is not on the iSeries. You will need to connect to this server in order to check existence (or better use QNTC support).

IF FTP is the only "road" to the remote server you should connect via the iSeries FTP client and then issue command ls Filename (*disk - this will create outputfile lsoutput with 1 record (if file found) or zero (if not found).


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