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FTPing RPG programs

I am trying to FTP some RPG programs from our production box to the test box. I tried to FTP RPGLESRC in a *SAVF and I restored it. But when I went into PDM it wasn't there to work with. The restored object does exist on the system, but will not display in PDM. I have the right LIB selected and the file name.
First, you need to save all the *PGM objects you want to move to other systems in a save file. Next, create a save file on each of the systems to which you want to send these objects. From the system on which you created the save file with the *PGM objects, FTP to each of the other systems (one at a time). You must make sure that after you sign on through FTP, you enter the BIN command before the PUT command. Once the save file has been FTP'd from the source system, go to the target system and do a RSTOBJ using the created save file. If you want to move the source, for example QCLSRC of the RPG programs, simply save the QCLSRC physical file to the save file and proceed as above.


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