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FTP without the aid of a PC

We are a data center that processes for different banks. We currently use a BSC line to dial into their system and download/upload a transaction file. They are switching to dial-up FTP instead of BSC. We would like to be able to dial into their system from the iSeries and FTP files -- just like we do now with the BSC line. Our software company's programmers have come up with a way to FTP the files, but the file would have to be FTP'd from the iSeries to the PC and then sent through the PC's dial-up FTP connection, and vice versa. We would like to be able to eliminate the PC portion of this. Can this be done with CRTLINPPP perhaps, or do you know of some other way?

You're on the right track The iSeries is absolutely capable of dialing your other machine and doing the FTP without the aid of a PC. Instead of using the CRTLINPPP you're probably better off going through OpsNav and using the wizard to setup your PPP line. Attach an external PC type modem to one of your AS/400 communication lines and you're pretty much set. You will use the STRTCPPTP and ENDTCPPTP commands on your iSeries to start and stop the PPP line.


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