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FTP an iSeries physical file to a mainframe

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We are trying to FTP an iSeries physical file to a mainframe. The mainframe file name they want us to send to is upload(+1). The iSeries FTP doesn't like the (+1) string. Is there a way to envelope these characters within the iSeries FTP environment? We have tried putting " " & ' ' around the mainframe file name to no success.

You are correct that the iSeries won't accept that as a file name. Fortunately, FTP gives us a way to handle this sort of problem. The easiest way to do this is on the FTP command itself. If you leave a space after the file name, that name following the blank space will be the name that it will transfer the file to your target machine. In this example, you can leave your iSeries file name as is, but change the name as part of the FTP transfer.


put mylib/myfile +1

If you're having trouble with an FTP command, just type in HELP at the ftp command prompt.


  • I have to send (via FTP) files to a mainframe (MVS) all the time and I have to enclose their file name in triple quotes.

    For example:

    put mylib/myfile '''upload(+1)'''

    I think the triple quotes may be the key the person asking the question was looking for.

    & ; Mike Shumaker


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This was last published in October 2002

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