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Extracting native DB2/400 database to XML format

We were told to submit our AS/400 data files in XML format. How and what should we have if we need to extract native DB2/400 database to XML format? Currently I'm on V4R3 (9406-730 model) and will be migrating to V5R1 (9406-830 model).

I attended COMMON in New Orleans this spring and attended a class that dealt with this need. I have not yet had the opportunity to try this out, so I don't feel comfortable explaining exactly what you need. Go to this IBM page and read some of the material on XML. Basically it is much like EDI in that you setup a structure to extract the data, then point the extracted data at the document and it will build the XML file for you. I don't think you need anything outside of OS400 V5R1 but IBM does sell tools that will make the job much easier. Again, check the online documents to fully understand it, it's not really that hard. If you need any other help with this let me know and I will see if I can get an example for you.


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