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Extend storage capacity on an IBM i without negatively effecting system performance

After extending storage capacity on an IBM 520, the system performance depends on the workload amount and should not be affected negatively as long as the system has a good controller with lots of free space.

I have a question concerning I/O PUT disk performance.

We have an i5 system (520) with disks unit type 4328 that have 140 GB capacity. We wanted to extend our storage capacity, so we purchased a drawer with disk type 4327 that has 70 GB. How will the new extension affect our system performance?

The effects of a capacity extension on system performance can vary.

If the system has a good controller with lots of cache, it probably won't hurt the performance at all. Two different sized disk units are not usually a problem, but three sometimes are.

Since the system performance depends on the workload, it is probably not possible to predict this with great reliability in advance, and since the capacity already needs to be extended, it is likely that the workload is changing as well.

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