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Exporting a member from a library to a IBM Risc 6000

I was exporting a member from a library to a IBM Risc 6000. I was using a third party SQL report write to write to the file in a comma delimited format. The file would not break at the end of the record. The format was ASCII. It did not seem to matter what changes I made to the CCSID of the file it would not break each record properly. I was able to use FTP to bring the file over to the physical file. Have you ever come across this type of problem, or do you know how to resolve it. I am using OS400 V4R4 and AIX 4.3.2

I would use the CPYTOIMPF command to create the CSV file instead of your SQL report writer. Search 400 has several good tips on the CPYTOIMPF command. Following are two that you will probably want to check out:

Creating ASCII import files in root file system (IFS)

How do I take an AS/400 file and convert it to a comma separated file?

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