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Export\import data to DB2 on the iSeries

Is there a way to transfer a dBASE IV (.DBF file) file that contains memo fields (.DBT file) to an iSeries 400 DB2 physical file?

In response to this Q & A: I have a 9GB DBF that I need to get to my AS/400. How can I accomplish this task? This question was posted on Apr. 16, 2001. I did not try this size of file, but the file transfer facility of Client Access supports DBF. There is no option that I can find in the upload request.

The following site SQL.Thing contains a great tool for working with iSeries SQL and allows for exportimport data to DB2 on the iSeries. The exportimport capability is in the freeware version of the tool and it does decent job with database files.


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