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Example of the CPYTOIMPF CL command


I am generating a flat file from an RPG 400 program. I want to convert the character set of that file to utf-8 or utf-16. Secondly, I want to insert a carriage return to the end of each record. The flat file has the column delimiter as ','.

I?d also like to know how to use the command "CPYTOIMPF". I have tried using it by giving the required parameters, but it gives me a error of reason code 11. I am not able to run it successfully.

Here's an example of the CPYTOIMPF CL command. Error code 11 means that the Record Delimiter parameter on your CPYTOIMPF correct is invalid. CPYTOIMPF FROMFILE(lib1/file1) TOSTMF('/d2') STMFCODPAG(1208) RCDDLM(*CR)


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