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Error with SBMJOB command

When I try to retrieve the MSGQ with RTVJOBA SBMMSGQ (&MSGQ) command, I sometimes get *NONE. Can you please explain this?

When a job is submitted by the SBMJOB command, the message queue parameter is the name of the message queue to send the completion message. It may be a valid message queue, or a special value of:

The *USRPRF will use the submitting user profile (or the SBMFOR user profile).

The *WRKSTN will use the workstation message queue of the submitting device.

The *NONE will not send a completion message to any message queue. This is probably your value of *NONE.

If a job is submitted with *WRKSTN and it is submitted by a batch job, the value should also be *NONE.


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