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Error when trying to display the properties of the table through client access V4

This message has been displayed whenever we want to display the properties of the table through client access V4,the column names of the tables are also not displayed.

Column UDT_LIB not in specified tables.

AS/400 Message ID: SQL0206

Cause . . . . . : UDT_LIB is not a column of table SYSCOLUMNS in library QSYS2. If the table is *N, UDT_LIB is not a column of any table or view that can be referenced.

Recovery . . . : Do one of the following and try the request again: -- Ensure that the column and table names are specified correctly in the statement. -- If this is a SELECT statement, ensure that all the required tables were named in the FROM clause. -- If the column was tended to be a correlated reference, qualify the column with the correct table designator.


ZDGTRGI in QIWS type *N not found.

AS/400 Message ID: SQL0204

Cause . . . . . : QZDGTRGI in QIWS type *N was not found. If this is an ALTER TABLE statement and the type is *N, a constraint was not found. If this is NOT an ALTER TABLE statement and the type is *N, a function or procedure was not found.

Recovery . . . : Change the name and try the request again. If the object is a node group, ensure that the DB2 Multi-system product is installed on your system and create a node group with the CRTNODGRP CL command.

Verify that QIWS/QZDGTRGI does not exist. If that is the case then you have some serious damage to your OS/400. If this program is missing, then you will need to remove option 12 of OS/400, then reinstall it and apply the current cume package and DB group PTF. The first error you report also makes sense with the damaged system theory. If this table exists but the systems cross-reference tables don't have any reference to it, then you will need to run a reclaim storage for database cross reference (RCLSTG *DBXREF). Cases of damaged xref or missing information on V4R5 upgrades have been reported. Additionally, if you are on V4R5, insure that you have at least version 5 of the database group PTF applied, if you have a lower version, then you can expect to have some pretty serious problems with anything related to database. To check the level of database group PTF, use the command, DSPDTAARA SF99105. If this data area doesn't exist, then you haven't applied the DB group PTF. If you need to order the DB group, order PTF SF99105. You may want to contact IBM Support for further assistance.

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