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Error received while doing a system save

I ran GO SAVE and chose option 21 to do entire system save. I got the error log below:

 5 > go save 
    Volume IBM730 found on device AP02. 
    ENDSBS SBS(*ALL) in progress. 
    Tried to refer to all or part of an object that no longer exists. 
    Function check. MCH3402 unmonitored by QSRSVUPR at statement *N, instruction X'001B'. 
    USRPRF QSECOFR in QSYS not saved. 
    SAVSYS completed.  One or more 
      objects not saved. 
    CPF3772 received during SAVSYS 
      command. (C G) 
    ? C 
    Subsystem QCTL in library QSYS 
      being started. 
    Subsystem QSYSWRK in library QSYS 
      being started. 
    Error occurred with the option. 

I noticed that when the error occurred, it just used a portion of the first of ten 3590 tape. I could have keyed in 'G' but then, according to the log, SAVSYS was completed. For me it was doubtful to have seen SAVSYS completed due to the amount of tape space it has used. I tried RCLSTG and doing it again, the result was the same. I tried using a newly created QSECOFR equivalent profile, still the result was just the same. The machine is a 940-730 and OS/400 is V4R4.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

From what you have provided, the error you've received is that user profile QSECOFR was not saved. Did you receive the identical error when you tried it with a QSECOFR equivalent user profile? If you received the error that QSECOFR user profile could not be saved, I would look at the status of the QSECOFR user profile. If it is damaged, you may have to recreate the profile. I would be careful of this though and consult with IBM before you delete the QSECOFR user profile and recreate it at V4R4. I am not versed well enough in V4R4 to answer that part of it.


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