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Error on the Web server when using ODBC

Error on the Web server when using ODBC

We have a Web server using ODBC for starting SQL request on our iSeries. I now have an error on the ASP page using a SELECT: [IBM][Client Access Express ODBC Driver (32-bit)][DB2/400 SQL]SQL0666 -- Estimated query processing time 30 exceeds limit 30. Which parameter should I increase on OS/400 to fix this problem?
The Query Time Limit can be set a job or system level using the CHGQRYA command or the QQRYTIMLMT system value. You should first check to see if either of those are being done on the iSeries system. If the time limit is not set in that manner, then you can consider using the ODBC SQLSetConnectionOption or SQLSetStmtOption to set SQL_QUERY_TIMEOUT to 0. Another option on V5R2 & V5R3 systems is modifying the ODBC data source - on the performance tab, select the advanced button and deselect the query timeout attribute.

More details can be found in the Knowledge Base document #21130903.


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