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Error of wimsock error function connect

We are getting an error of wimsock error function connect() returned 10061 when we try and use an SQL statement in a VB program on the PC. We have loaded the ODBC driver on the PC, we can access he file via access. We used the express tool kit to create the opne of DB and SQL construction. We know it is a simple thing we are missing, do you have a clue?

Error 10061 is returned when your connection is refused. Your connection is refused when:

1. No service is listening on the target port (this is the probable cause of your problem).

2. There is a port restriction on the AS/400 on your port.

In order to check for the "obvious" reasons issue command strhostsvr(*all) on the AS/400, and then command cwbping on the PC.

If one of the servers is not replying to cwbping after host servers were started then something prevents it from starting. try to locate the joblog of this server (most of them are under user QUSER).

BTW - connection errors description can be found here. Then search for 10061.

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