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Error message when Netserver starts

I am trying to start Netserver and am getting the following message:

The AS/400 Support for Windows Network Neighborhood(AS/400 NetServer) was unable to start.

Cause . . . . . : The required AS/400 NetServer job QZLSSERVER was unable to start because of reason code 6.

6 - Start of the internal server failed with return code 3409.

Any idea what this is? (On V4R5)

There are two possible issues:

1. There is a duplicate name on the network.

2. The wins scope ID is not configured correctly.

Recommendations for setting the Scope ID can be found in the AS/400 Netserver Advantage Redbook, order number SG24-5196. Click here to access this Redbook online.

href=http://as400bks.rochester.ibm.com/pubs/html/redbooks/>Web site.

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