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Error message: Could not bind socket

I have been having this problem for days. I get a "could not bind socket" error when I try to run one of my programs called Web-accelerator. I can't browse on the Internet because neither of my browsers works. I also find it hard to connect to AOL--I have to dial at least three times to connect and even if I do connect I can't browse at all or use any programs that are Internet related like messengers. I tried everything I could, but couldn't figure what the error was or which program is causing it. Opera gives me a "Winsock implementation lacks important functionality" error. What can I do to rectify this situation on my OS Win98 browsers - IE5.5 opera AOL Internet Explorer?

The problem may be that your version of AOL and/or Internet Explorer may already have a "Shadow" accelerator contained in it. If using AOL, I would completely uninstall any version of any Web-accelerator that is on the system. The accelerator is attempting to "Bind", or lock against a specific port (in TCP/IP) to perform communications to the company that wrote the accelerator. Many of these "Free" accelerators do very little to speed up your connection. They simply "Cache" the sites that users of their service use so that the software can intercept the request and return it faster to your browser. They also keep track of every site you visit and sell this information to marketing companies. As far as AOL, everyone has to wait multiple times for a dial-up connection.


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