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Error during printer emulation

We use Client Access (CA) for printer emulation to enable our users to print from the iSeries through printers connected to PCs running Microsoft Windows. The server that hosts the emulations is Windows 2000 Pro -- CA is version 5 release 1, mod level 0 and service level SI11806. We currently run 25 emulations simultaneously, however, we are unable to run any more emulations as we get the following CA error, "PCSCW001 -- You cannot start another session."

There appears to be a limit on the number of emulations that can be run simultaneously. Is there a way round this, such as an upgrade in software? >

As far as I know, there is a limit of 26 session maximum to the emulation.

You may try to change the emulation product or better work with network printing.

For example:

  • Open LPD on the Windows server.
  • Configure the outq's on the iSeries as remote.
  • Get rid of the emulation on the Windows server.


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