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Error CWBCO1049 on AS/400

Connecting the iSeries in AS/400, issue STRHOSTSVR *ALL. Make sure the as-signon port is in listen state and check the firewall settings.

While trying to connect the iSeries through 5250, I recieved the following error message:

CWBCO1049 - The iSeries server application is not started.

However, when I tried connecting to the Console from the server, I was able to connect as normal. I have v5r3 and have recently applied 8267 CUM PTF's, and I was able to connect after applyng these, until this issue. The ETHERNET lines appear fine as well.

Could the PTF has anything to do with this? Have I checked all the TCP connections?

There are two possible causes:

1.) The iSeries server application has indeed not started. Issue STRHOSTSVR *ALL. Make sure the as-signon port is in listen state:

* Netstat
* Option 3
* as-signon should be in listen state

2.) A firewall on the PC does not allow iSeries connections, see www-01.ibm.com/support.

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