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Entire system backup using WRKJOBSCDE

How can I save an entire system backup using the job scheduling method(WRKJOBSCDE)?
Currently it is not possible to submit a full system backup to batch, which is what the Job Scheduler would do. The SAVSYS portion requires a dedicated system in a restrictive state and must run from the system console -- interactively. The SAVLIB *NONSYS command has this requirement also.

There are several very good third-party backup solutions that provide ways to run the SAVSYS process unattended. They provide a program to interface with the system console while the system is in a restrictive state.

I've configured processes on our system that run backups unattended every night -- except for the last Sunday of the month. That is when I apply PTFs and run a full system backup, including running the SAVSYS process from the console -- interactively. Every other night, I programmatically quiesce the system and initiate Save_While_Active backups of user libraries using BRMS/400. It works quite well.


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