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Entering a port number for Socket Server jobs

I have just purchased the Socket Server Software & FFM software to handle new IP communications. When starting the Socket Server jobs it requires you to enter a port number as well as the program to assign to that port. I would like to find a way with CL to change the default job name from... Let's say, RUN2002 (for port 2002) to the actual program name processing on that port. In short, I am looking for a way to change the name of an active job. For example, when you perform "WRKACTJOB" and the job displays as "RUN2002" I want to change that to be "DCMV04I". I am not sure what API's are available to allow this to take place. Any help you can provide would be great.

There is no process that I'm aware of that will allow you to change the job name after the job has started, but there may be several other ways that you can address this. I am familiar with sockets programming but not the particular package that you mentioned. A few ideas may serve as food for thought:

---- If you have access to the source code that starts this job, you can change the job name on the SBMJOB command before it is submitted.

---- If this job is being started as part of an autostart job entry in a subsystem, you can specify a job name on the ADDAJE command .

---- You could write a validity-checking program for the SBMJOB command and change the submitted job name for the jobs that you want. More information on writing validity checking programs can be found via the Search400 Web site and in the OS/400 CL programming guide SC41-5721-03.

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