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Enrolling a user profile in the i5/OS system distribution directory

Use the WRKDIRE command to access the system distribution directory and enroll a user profile.

I am trying to use the CPYTOPCD command, but I receive this error: User not enrolled in system distribution directory.

I am unable to use folder resources, and I need to maintain a fixed length of record copied to my PC. Can you help?

Several processes on the iSeries require that a user profile be enrolled in the system directory.
To access this directory use the WRKDIRE command. You will be taken to a screen similar to this:

Access to this display requires that your profile have *SECADM Special Authority or just use QSECOFR. Familiarize yourself with what kind of data is stored in each entry by using Option 5 to display an entry already defined and then using the F1 key to view the Field Level Help.

Use Option 1 (Add) to access the ADDDIRE command and then fill in the appropriate data.

Hit enter to save the entry and you should be good to go!

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