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Ending a job

I think this question is more related to CA Express than System Mgt however, the problem originate from the 400. Anyway, my problem is with ending a CA connection. As with all 5250 devices (locally attached via Twinax) when I power off the device the job ended and a joblog is produced. However, with all the CA sessions, when you power the PC off, the job is still connecting to the 400 if you use either WRKUSRJOB or WRKCFGSTS for specific user or device. Some sessions will not able to reconnect since the device is locked (we assign WorkstationID to the device in CA) This has caused a lot of frustration for both users and IT staffs. What I'm looking for is the way to end the job if someone powers off the device.

The recommendation here is to have the user sign off of their session and close the emulation. This should end their interactive job on the system and the virtual device will go into VARY OFF or VARY ON PENDING.

If the PC hangs/hard-locks and the user was not able to end the session first, then the way the system ends the interactive job and recovers the virtual device is by using the Telnet Session keep alive timer. The default value is *CALC, which usually tends to be around 600 seconds. We recommend to specifically set this value to a number of seconds. To limit the amount of frames sent by the system, the value should not be too low. You can start by setting the value to something between 120 and 300 seconds; based on the results, you can manipulate the value to fit your network the best. For the value to take effect, you will need to end and restart the Telnet server.

This timer only specifies when the first Session keep alive frame is to be sent. Once the system has determined that the client is no longer active, it can take around 15 minutes longer before the interactive job has been ended and the virtual device recovered.

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