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Encrypting files or fields on the iSeries

Encrypting files on iSeries is no trivial undertaking. Using vendor technologies such as those from Linoma Software and nuBridges may be easier than cobbling it all together with IBM tools.

What is the easiest way to encrypt a field or a file on the iSeries? We are an RPG/Lanse shop. All the posting seem to be from three years ago. Hopefully things are easier.
Encrypting a field or an entire file is not trivial. While IBM has added new features to each release, providing you with the tools (APIs) to architect and implement a sound encryption strategy, an encryption project takes careful planning. A great redbook is available that discusses the topic and what's available on the system – IBM System i Security: Protecting i5/OS with Encryption. Many shops find it easier to use a vendor product to help with this rather than trying to piece all of the IBM parts together. Linoma Software and nuBridges are among several vendors that provide encryption products for System i.

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